6 May 2018

Returning To Work

The time has arrived and I can officially call myself a working mother.

On one hand the experience feels great - I'm back working a job I like and I get to do something for me - for ten hours a week I get to be Kerri instead of Mum. Gaining some sense of individual has been so uplifting for my spirit and I feel better and like I can tackle the week easier.
There is a structure and a break to the week and not just a merging of days where I find myself at a random time of day in my pyjamas going 'what day is it what time is it and have I wore these pyjamas bottoms for three days now?'

On the flip side is the absolute agony of leaving my baby. I hate it - I hate walking away and hearing her cry. I know I'm doing the right thing happy mum = happy baby but I get so upset with guilt it hurts. The other side is as a breastfeeding mum - the physical pain of being away from a baby is not good either! I will have to take to trying to pump something at work otherwise I may run into issues.

Returning to work is such an odd journey as you simultaneously want to go but want to stay at home! Please someone tell me it gets easier!

27 April 2018

When Baby Led Weaning Doesn't Work.

When Aurora was fast approaching 6 months old I had been invited to all the baby led weaning courses and even in my breast feeding support group there was so much talk about how both of us would enjoy BLW.

I was always a bit anxious over BLW considering Aurora is very small (she's now 10 months old and still in 6-9month clothes) and I worried how she would cope. Not very well in fact. It wasn't the gagging which is a very natural part of weaning as babies learn how to chew. It was the constant throwing up and unwillingness of Aurora to experiment with food. I would put all sorts in front if her but she didn't want to try it.

I left it a month and started again - again she wouldn't even entertain picking at the food or experimenting. I began to feel like I was failing and doing all this wrong. That's when I started the think 'hang on it hasn't always been BLW'

So off I popped to the local supermarket and looked at the puree pots and sachets. To my surprised they were not filled with salt and sugar and I feared they would be. Alot of the fruit puree are fruit and nothing else. Where as the meals are generally large portions of veg and rice blended. For once we found some success with these puree options. From 8 months I've been giving them Aurora at her own pace while still trying to introduce solid food.

Aurora loves to feed herself fruit puree and she enjoys sweet potatoes, broccoli, Yorkshire puddings, crumpets, yoghurt and banana. I try to mush food to give her so we can slowly build on texture but she doesn't entertain much. I'm hoping for her journey with food to improve a bit when I return to work. One bit of advice has stuck with me while I've been struggling on our food journey and that is 'food before one is just for fun'

9 April 2018

New Direction

I love my little blog and sharing things on here. However I had to take a step back recently due to a mixture of low feelings and the isolation I had been feeling as a new mom.
It's hard to have that shift and loose alot of what made you happy for example work, date nights, freedom to go to the toilet by yourself!

I think that my blog will shift and share my experiences as a new mom and also the decision to return to work while also choosing to study this year.

I hope you enjoy the journey and the changes my blog will go through. If you are interested solely in the makeup posts please follow @cruelty_freemakeup on Instagram! There will be swatches and makeup looks.

14 December 2017

MUA Luxe Set and Reflect Finishing Kit | Cruelty Free

I love a good setting powder it keeps my foundation in place and dulls down any shine on my face.

When I saw this MUA Luxe Set the white setting powder instantly reminded me of one from soap and glory that I love however that powder is part of a concealer kit that I no longer use.

The packaging is also really sleek and looks more expensive then what you pay for. Which is something I really like from the luxe line - it looks good but is very very purse friendly!

This powder is great for setting did your foundation. It doesn't leave a white cast and isn't too heavy. I do have dry under eyes and some days I have to give this powder a miss as it adds to the dryness and accentuates it. So if you have dry skin all over this is probably not a powder for you.

There is also a golden toned highlighter included in the set.

I don't like this highlighter on myself, it's a bit too golden for me. It us very subtle so if you are considering venturing into the world of highlighting powders but not sure about the bright highlighter that's used on a full heavy look this could be for you.
I do love it for my inner corner highlights. So this could be great for just adding a subtle glow to enhance features.

12 December 2017

Gift Idea For Male Family Members

So while I would love to share my partners Christmas present I can't as he reads this blog! So instead I will share a present idea for the male members of family like uncles, brother in laws ECT.

I always find this a difficult thing to buy and I tend to go for small gifts as usually I can't stretch my money to make a huge gift.

So my genius little idea this year is a mini hamper.

Typically I reserve hampers for the women in my family - I know my sister and mom love getting them they are filled with the usual smelly gifts and chocolates. So this year I figured why not make them for the guys too.

This one has two different types of chocolate and a little metal tin dove set. It's not much and all in all cost around £10 but it's a bit more thought and presentation thrown in! I usually go to florist shops and ask if they have any off cuts of cellophane that I can wrap the hamper in (this keeps the cost down as usually a florist would throw off cuts as they can't wrap flowers in it but I tend to get a lot of use out of then for very little some even give it me for free)

You can end up filling a hamper with anything from socks to film tickets to chocolates or small personalised gifts like mugs.

I'm so glad I've decided to do hampers this year as it takes a usually boring present and turns it into something you spend time and effort on.

9 December 2017

Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls | The Perfect Gift For Any Girl

If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for any young girl, I suggest Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls.

The book is filled with 100 one page stories about inspiring strong women. The stories are short enough to get interest but not too long they become boring.

I got this as a gift for Aurora' s birth and I have to say it's one of my favourite gifts she received. We love the short stories and she smiles all the way through them.

Each story comes with an amazing artwork depicting the female that is talked about. There is everyone in here from Cleopatra to Amelia Earheart to Michelle Obama.

In a world where sometimes women are still not seen as strong or powerful as men (not by everyone) why not buy a book that can hopefully inspire young girls that they can achieve anything they put their minds to.

The best part about this book is there is a section at the back where their own story can be written. Hopefully when Aurora is older she can write her own journey and read that to her children.
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