24 November 2016

Getting Organised

Every year I say to myself - I will be more organised - and every year it lasts a few months and falls to one side.

This year rather then investing in expensive diaries I don't use, I have gone very simple with my good friend the £1 shop!

I have one very honest diary - I like this one because it has a week view across two pages and there is also a year to view for 2017 and 2018 at the front and back, this means that I can actually put all my holiday and my work colleagues holiday in it - my plan for this being I will easily be able to see when I am available or not and when it also might be hard to get some time off due to overtime when other people are away. 

I also have two NU: notebooks, these have beautiful spaced lines in them and also are always made with good quality paper and a good ring binder that doesn't come undone at the ends. I got a regular notebook with a fun purple print and also a turquoise green study book. 

The study book was an excellent find and I am thinking of going back for more. The 'To Do List' is amazing and I love that is has a check box for me to tick when things are completed. If all my organising Idea's go to shit like they normally do - I know someone who will love these notebooks if I end up with any I won't use.

The study notebook is also slit into sections with coloured card that matches the notebook. This one has three dividers one straight after the 'To Do List' and two more. This way I can keep any ideas or notes in place and order. I have two main sections a Blog section and a Youtube - I often feature different things of each one and so I like to keep the ideas and notes separate and this book allows me to do that easily.

The best thing about all these purchases (apart from the price £1 is just too good) is that they are quite lightweight so I never feel like I am carrying a huge notebook around that will be getting in the way or will become too heavy with other things in my bag!

Heres to an organised 2017 I hope it happens.

Kerri x


  1. I really need to invest in stuff like this, I swear I'm the most unorganised person ever haha! xx


    1. So am I every year I buy some expensive diary but I really thought these were cute and hopefully starting now will get me into the habit ready for the new year x

  2. I love that 'things to do today' one :D It's so satisfying to tick things off a list!!


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