18 November 2016

House Renovation Idea's

Trying to get a house to represent who you are is always difficult - even worse when you live with a significant other!

When me and Pawl moved into our new house we took all of it to magnolia walls apart from one room which was decorated to a taste we could live with.

I have always maintained that me and Pawl have quite a minimal taste but we both really want to make this house our home. Our first plan of action is to take the living room down to magnolia - as we didn't when we moved in - Ideally I want this done by Christmas so we have a bit of a blank canvas to work with.

There is also the kitchen that needs modernising - a new kitchen is on the way to us but personally my dream is to have white cupboard doors with some of the chalkboard painted with black worktops neutral coloured walls and a white wood floor. I don't think that is what I am getting but I can live in hope - my landlord is pretty good at letting us do what we want with the house as long as it can be passed over to new people when we decide to leave.

One thing we both really want to change and soon is theres a lovely alcove in our hallway entrance to the house - currently stands some half finished cupboard that comes apart if you pull the drawer out of it (theres also a life size cute out of Boba Feet from Star Wars - no kidding) but we both want a nice shelf with a huge mirror in the alcove to add a bit of interest to the area and hopefully the mirror will reflect some light!

Upstairs we like to keep the rooms quite clean and we use coloured bedding and curtains to create a sense of style. Currently the mood we have is turquoise and I am thinking maybe have some Duck Egg Blue detailing on a wall - I may have a chevron pattern on a feature wall!

The other rooms do not need a lot doing to - the second bedroom is for Pawls son and that is pretty much kept simple the bathroom does not need touching and the third bedroom I use for filming and office purposes.

The last thing we want to tackle is our garden - its a lot of work and neither of us are interested in it! I am thinking a few flower beds and finding some suitable garden furniture so I can read outside when it is warm again!

I do not know how people cope with renovating a house - mine mostly needs a lick of paint and even that seems exhausting to me!

Kerri x

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