26 November 2016

MCM Birmingham Comic Con 2016

Ok so I am a little bit of a nerd and I love all kinds of geeky fandoms! This year my friend managed to bag us two tickets to MCM Birmingham Comic Con and I was absolutely over the moon, and slightly disappointed by the end of the day that we did not dress up as any characters.

For me it was amazing seeing everyone dress up as whatever bit of pop culture they felt most attached to!

I must admit everything was there from manga to Disney, from Breaking Bad to Star Wars there was everything! I personally loved the stormtroopers when you were walking in and my personal favourite was being put in a body bag by the judges from Judge Dredd. The costumes were amazing so many professional cosplayers and some just general enthusiasts and everyone was happy to stop and talk.

There were a lot of stalls selling all kinds of geek related swag and I managed to pic myself up some Harry Potter, Star Wars and Doctor Strange items to decorate mine and Pawl's house.

I also loved walking around and seeing all of the set pieces there was some great ones there including ghost busters, American themed police cars, Star Wars sets and even the Delorean!

Comic Con was overall a huge experience for me and I am so glad I went - if you enjoy anything with a cult following you should head to one of these events because you will make friends and meet amazing people and connect with someone else who loves the same things as you. There are always events to do there was Jedi training and magic tricks for the kids - wrestling - live body painting - demo's there were even some autograph areas for the guest speakers at the events. But mostly I just enjoyed the atmosphere of the place I will 100% be returning to a Comic Con event and next time will be dressing up to add to all the fun!

Kerri x 

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