14 November 2016

Welcome To My New Blog

So for the last few months I was contemplating starting a new blog - everyone kept telling me what a bad idea it was and how much I would regret it.

I could not help but keep thinking about starting a fresh new blog - because I was just unhappy about my own and I wanted something new to focus on. New energies and new directions were needed and I figured what the hell why not just start over.

So what can you expect on my new blog?

Well there is still going to be the usual beauty related posts because lets be honest I just love makeup a little bit too much! I have in 2016 gone cruelty free (another reason to start over my blog) so fingers crossed as long as I am not mis-informed about something all my beauty posts will be cruelty free.

Also I will be maintaining a dedicated Cruelty Free List - I hope to keep it as up to date as I can but mostly it will be a list of cruelty free brands in alphabetical order so everything is easy to find!

You may see some DIY and House posts - I have just moved into a new house and there are some things that need updating - rooms that need decorating - if you follow me on youtube I had some moving vlogs if you are interested in what my house looks like currently.

You might see some fashion posts - depending on my mood and if I wear anything other then my PJ's and work uniform!

You can also expect to see some lifestyle posts and some personal musings - just rambles on my daily life and my thoughts and feelings.

So I hope you enjoy my blog and are excited to see what comes! Hopefully I can get a few guest posts off people - I have a few ideas and these will be about anything that anyone wants to talk about - I know some pretty interesting people and I think giving them free reign to talk on subjects dear to their hearts will be really good to read - this will of course all only happen if those people I approach are actually interested!

Kerri x


  1. Fab post! Here's to a new start and. We direction :-) looking forward to seeing more things from you! Xxx

    1. Thanks babe x love that I just started a new one think I needed that!


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