30 November 2016

Winter Skin Care Saviours - Cruelty Free

I love winter months, you can get cost on the sofa and watch movies all snuggled up warm with a nice cup of hot chocolate, but one thing I hate is how dry the harsh weather makes my skin. So I have a few goodies I want to share with you!

1. Tropic Vitamin Toner Pore Refining Mist.
I use this after all of my skin cleansing is done. It gives a quick boost of freshness to the skin and it helps to close all my pores so I get less change of them becoming clogged! Its a little must have step for me as my pores were getting pretty bad.

2. Tropic Eye Revive Age-Defying Eye Cream.
I love this at night time. Its a thicker consistency cream but it really helps to hydrate. It is not instantly absorbed so I feel like it has some time to work while its sinking into my skin. This helps to minimise my dry skin around my eyes and really makes them feel more hydrated and refreshed!

3. Lumirance Rosehip Oil.
A good facial oil is essential over winter. It deeply hydrates skin and keeps it moisturised. I love this one as it helps to reduce the redness in my skin, which is much needed this time of the year. I put this on at night and my skin looks healthy and glowing the next day.

4. Superdrug Vitamin E Eye Cream.
I know I know, another eye cream but as someone with extremely dry skin around my eyes I just had to include it! This is a lot lighter then the Tropic Eye Cream so is more easily absorbed. I like to use this one when I am out and about with no makeup and my eyes feel a bit tight from the wind. I just apply a small dot of this and my eyes are feeling back to normal.

5. Dr Organic, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Lip Balm.
We all need a lip balm at winter. Or five. But this is one of the better ones, the coconut oil makes it really hydrating and it just feels like it is soaking into your lips and doing some good, I find some lip balms just sit on your lips and masks the problem whereas the Dr Organic balms actually help to treat the chapped dry lips.

6. Pommade Divine Miracle Balm.
My little wonder balm! If you watch me on youtube you know I love this stuff, it keeps my eczema under control to the point where it is none existent now (amazing during the beginning of winter when I usually have flare ups) I use this for dry stubborn skin patches like my knees and elbows. I use this on my hands and feet at night to keep the skin nice and supple - also as a really intense lip balm if I need it. I love this as there are so many uses not just during winter, this is one of those holy grail take to a desert island with me products.

Kerri x

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