17 December 2016

Lush Dark Angels - Cruelty Free

Lush Dark Angels Cleanser/Mask is a recent addition to my regular skin care. I recently incorporated a skin oil and find that I can get a bit oily now. I wanted to combat this with something I can use twice a week to keep this oil under control.

Enter Dark Angels. This is a black sugar and charcoal based product with lots of uses. The way I use it is as a twice a week mask/scrub you mix a paste into your hands and scrub all over your face however I then leave it to set for about 5 minutes and then remove. I am always left with much fresher skin afterwards.

The black sugar and charcoal give a great scrubbing effect, that lifts off any dead skin and dirt, the rhassoul mud helps to clear skin and deeply cleanse. I love using this as part of my regular skin care as it helps keep my skin clear and even helps reduce my hormonal spots.

The only thing I have to mention about this cleanser is that it can be a bit messy. However I try to use it in the shower so as not to get a charcoal mess in my skin like my first attempt of using this cleanser!

Kerri x

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