16 December 2016

Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette - Cruelty Free

This palette I picked up as an absolute bargain in TKmaxx for the brilliant price of £9.99. The palette itself is really nice and compact held in a metal tin which makes it incredibly durable and strong. Inside is a mirror and there was also some little cards showing you how to recreate different looks using all the colours available.

This palette has everything you need for basic smokey eyes, from all your highlight base colours right to the deeper shades. Personally I love using this palette whenever I want to create a Halo eye look because I can maximise the wet/dry shadows to get a really intense look.

My favourite shades include Panther, Tigers Eye and Purr. I mainly use these three and add Leopard into anything that needs that festive gold glitter! I love how this palette also includes a few fun pinks and purples it means that you can create some really colourful looks. All the colours compliment each other so you can not go too wrong if you decide to experiment a bit. 

Kerri x

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