14 December 2016

W7 Naughty Nines Palette Midsummer Night - Cruelty Free

Winter time calls for some seriously beautiful burgundy toned eyeshadows! I think this little palette from W7 is not only a cruelty free option for the Mac 9 palettes but also a really cheap and good alternative.

The shade selection inside the palette is beautiful there is a good range on red, gold, bronze tones. All perfect for autumn and winter months. The only thing this palette is really missing in terms of colour selection is a basic nude for all over the eye and a good highlight colour. This palette for me is more transition shades onwards.

The quality of these are really good. The pigmentation is great with decent colour payoff. There is some fall out especially with the darker shades but nothing that is not easily wiped or blended away!

This is a really versatile palette and I feel you can create some amazing looks with these nine shades (plus an amazing highlight like MUA Champagne)

Kerri x

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