19 March 2017

PS... False Lash Effect Mascara - Review - Cruelty Free

I used to be a massive mascara hoarder! Recently I tried to keep my mascara use down especially after I found one that worked for me and ticked all the boxes. Recently I was in Primark browsing their makeup section, since it is cruelty free I can get some little guilt free purchases that don't cost the earth, and I stopped upon the False Lash Effect Mascara.

The sleek gold packaging drew me in straight away as well as the lengthening claims. I am all about those long lashes lately.

The brush is your typical tapered end and is quite nice to use. It does a decent job of grabbing and separating lashes but it doesn't reach the roots that easy, so if you like a little bit of volume there this may not be the mascara for you.

I found this lasted well and held the curl in my lashes however towards the end of the day I did see tiny black flecks under my eyes where it had started to flake off.

This is a pretty decent mascara and while it won't replace by beloved Thats How I Roll mascara from Barry M, this Primark False Lash Effect is a great mascara, does the job, and at £2.50 doesn't break the bank. So I don't feel bad for buying it when I am in a pinch and need a new mascara! 

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