2 April 2017

Blogosphere Magazine Issue 12

I am trying to get my mojo back with blogging, mostly because I miss having something to do that I can throw my mini bursts of energy into and actually feel like I am doing something.

However over the months and years of blogging I have dedicated less and less time to it. I wanted some inspiration and I think I have finally found it!

Blogosphere magazine is a great magazine written by bloggers for bloggers. Blogosphere Issue 12 is the most recent copy and I must admit it is such a good magazine. It is nice and thick with a good paper quality so you feel like you get your money worth!

Inside are interviews with bloggers, there's tips on how to make money from your blog/online this issue along with snippets from a whole host of blogs. Lifestyle to travel, food to beauty this magazine really has it all.

Sometimes I get a bit disheartened with my novice blog but this magazine really shows you the upwards journey that fellow bloggers have had. I am excited to look at some of the new twitter chats I discovered through blogosphere and try to network more and immerse myself more into the blogging world!

Now does anyone know if I can find older copies of the magazine anywhere!!!

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