2 September 2017

Birmingham Bears - A Day Out

This week I ventured up to Birmingham just for a bit of scenery change. I live in a really small town so sometimes it is nice to go out and have a bit more shopping options (even if Aurora makes that extra difficult by screaming in whatever shop we go to)
I really wanted to find an outfit for my partner and stepson's party this week, and I just could not find anything by me.

I was so happy to find I had a lot of offers for help when out and about from boarding the train to general support when breastfeeding - it is nice when people help to make the situation easier.

I had to buy something from Costa as they were so gracious in letting me sit down and breast feed Aurora without having to order food first! I was desperate she was crying and I just asked if I could sit and feed her - they were great about it and it made my day a bit easier having somewhere comfy to sit down feed, and then treat myself after!

 I am going to order these zara culottes online because I really regret leaving them behind! Also Zara - you have fantastically large changing rooms brilliant for moms with pushchairs or anyone with a wheelchair!

But my trying on clothes failed later on when Aurora decided to cry in every shop and every time I tried to change my clothes! So far I have mastered holding her one handed and pushing the pram one handed - not mastered getting changed one handed yet!

Yepp she lost a sock - thankfully I found it in the pram when we got home! Lesson learnt - always put her 'Sock On's' on!!!

There was a nice little surprise as well on our ventures around Birmingham! There were loads of bear statues (I had no idea these were there)
There are 100 bears to find all across Birmingham and each one is designed different! I thought it was amazing and had I known about it I probably would have hunted down a few more of these! 

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