8 September 2017

Cereal Killer Cafe Birmingham

A cafe dedicated to breakfast cereal? With a 90's theme? Now who doesn't want that!

I took a trip to Cereal Killer Cafe in Birmingham on link street (where Grand Central and the Bullring meet each other)

The menu includes drink options, all the add ons and different milk options you can have along with a menu of all their Cereal Cocktails - what I did find disappointing was there was no long list of cereals so it was not easy to identify which was vegan/nut free/gluten free without accessing their website. The wall of cereal is just too big to look at if you wanted to identify what you could and couldn't eat - based on preferences or allergies.

The theme of the cafe is amazing - with some tables having beds to sit on (complete with 90's bedsheets like gladiators) there was cupboards full of old nostalgia pieces and odd bits you used to get in cereal boxes (seriously I miss those days)

But onto the good stuff! I ordered the chocopotomus and added in some freeze dried marshmallows (as if it wasn't sweet enough already!) I ordered with Almond milk which had a chocolate flavouring (but I would recommend asking for a stirrer as my milk was not mixed great)

The cereal in a large size with the add ons, and a drink cost me around £7 - which is not exactly cheap for a bowl of cereal, but I felt it was justified in the unique aspect and the overall experience. I would recommend this to anyone for the novelty of it all (especially if like me you love cereal) there are also options to cater to almost everyone - something I have to be careful with when I go out with friends who are vegan and have a gluten allergy.

Have any of you tried this before? What did you think of it?

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