15 September 2017

Madame Clarkes Tea Room - Wolverhampton

Last week on a trip up town I was looking for a small cafe I could eat in, that wasn't a chain, I wanted something a bit more personal and personal where staff really took their time to get to know customers instead of the fast and busy nature of a chain cafe.

So I found Madame Clarke's Tea Room just off Wolverhampton high street. The cafe sits in a grade two listed building, and is said to be haunted by the ghost of Madame Clarke (right up my street with my love of ghost hunts and all things spooky) it has a nice vintage theme inside without being too in your face!

Usually on a warmer day there would be tables and chairs outside - however it was raining so all of that was taken inside while I was eating. It isn't the most accessible as someone with a pushchair there is a small step on the door and then another to the seating area - so if you did have a wheelchair eating outside would be your only option. However all the staff are really friendly they were happy to help me out and chatted away to me as if I had known them for years. It gave a really friendly vibe and a comfortable dining experience.

Now I am not going to pretend I am a massive foodie expert - I am not at all - so do not expect too much from me here. I ordered a chicken and bacon panini with chips (great big chunky chips my favourite kind) and the meal cost less then £6. For me thats a great price for something that was very filling. The side salad was nothing special and I think maybe using a rocket leaf salad would have just made the presentation a bit nicer. They do serve proper tea and cakes like a traditional small cafe would but with my allergies I played it safe on my first meal there.

I think the sign of a good place is willingness to go back - which I will be - but I will also be taking a few friends along next time and possibly sampling some of their amazing looking cakes! 

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