1 September 2017

Monthly Product Test - Body Shop Drops of Youth, Pommade Divine Miracle Balm, Body Shop Amazonian Saviour

For the month of September I have a new monthly product test. I will be testing out three products!

1. The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Serum.
I need a good skincare routine and after pregnancy my skin has become quite dry and flakey especially on my cheeks. I am also noticing a few more wrinkles. I needed something to super charge my skincare as I do like everything I currently use it just needs a bit more 'oomph' This was recommended to me by a fellow blogger friend of mine. We are similar in age and she said it worked wonders for her - so fingers crossed it gives my skin that boost it needs.

Property of All Things Kerri

2. The Body Shop Amazonian Saviour.
9 ingredients, multipurpose, helps improve the look of skin marks and tattoo's? I need to try this! I am going to be testing it on my tattoo's and my stretch marks (it will actually be a battle between this and my pomade divine balm to see which helps my stretch marks more!)

Property of All Things Kerri

3. Pommade Divine Miracle Balm.
My little wonder balm! I love this stuff and I have previously worked with the brand to share how it improved my eczema. They recently released some travel tubes and I am looking forward to seeing how it might help the appearance of my stretch marks now (I have seen many a new moms say that lanolin helped with the stretch marks on their breasts so fingers crossed I have some success on my stomach and thighs).

Property of All Things Kerri

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