6 September 2017

National Read A Book Day Recommendations

I love to read books and while I do not always have time with Aurora I can sometimes fit in a two hour reading session here and there. My main type of books is usually a crime novel or if I am being completely honest Harry Potter!

I wanted to share some of my favourite books that I can always return to and never get bored of reading. These books stay with me forever (and don't worry I am not going to mention Harry Potter) 

1. Katie Piper - Beautiful

Like most people who watched the channel four documentary about Katie Piper I was amazed at this beautiful strong woman who fought to regain her identity after a harrowing acid attack. I got her book when it came out and its just as inspirational as the documentary was - if not more so as it continues to follow her life where the show left off. I can not praise this book enough and it is one of the very few autobiographies I have - and honestly my favourite one. 

2. Arthur Golden - Memoirs Of A Geisha

I found the film version of this visually stunning - and I knew I would want to read the book too. The film is a very close adaptation - however I love the book more because I really feel immersed in the world of a geisha. This is essentially the story of a young girl, Chiyo who finds herself sold to a geisha house - forced to train in the ways of a geisha at first she rebels every step of the way until she learns it could get her, her hearts desire. Despite some of the sadder elements to the book (being sold to the highest bidders) I find it a pretty uplifting story of turning your situation to your advantage.

3. Theresa Rebeck - Twelve Rooms With A View

This was a surprise find for me - I was a bit down on my luck and in a bad financial situation and picked this book up in a pound shop! I am so happy I did as well. The book follows Tina - who is an entirely flawed character, down and out with her luck suddenly finds herself inheriting part of of an $11million estate with her sisters - however there are other people contesting the will and the owners of the building also want her out. At times the book is a little slow and the ending was slightly disappointing for me - but overall it is an easy read and pleasantly engaging at time. I think this was the first book where I really related to a character and felt I could see myself in them. 

4. Richard Montanari - The Doll Maker

Richard Montanari was the first 'adult' author I ever read - after transitioning on from young adult novels the first book I read was Richard Montanari - The Rosary Girls (still one of my all time favourite books - however it is currently being lent to a friend!) His writing is gripping and he gives just enough clues to guess who the criminal is without giving it all away. His series about detectives Byrne and Balzano are my favourite by him - the dynamic relationship between the two detectives work well as they explore their personal and professional lives. I have not read this book since giving birth as small children are involved in the crimes - however it is a great read with a inter-connected story of unfinished business on a past case.

5. Sophie Kinsella - Twenties Girl

My first ever 'Chick-Lit' book. Sophie Kinsella is usually most associated with her confessions of a shopaholic series, however I enjoyed this book so much more and feel it deserves a lot of praise. There is an element of time forgotten as Lara's great aunt Sadie die's and Lara suddenly starts seeing Sadie's younger self. What follows is a discovery of personal growth, family secrets and of course finding love. It really is at its core about family and the strength and bond of friendship.

6. Trudi Caravan - The Magicians Guild

This was my first book that concerned magic that I read after the Harry Potter series. It was great to read about magic that was not associated with the typical wands. In this series of books magic is typically owned and learnt by those of high standing and power. This book starts with magicians clearing out the streets and the 'slums' until one slum girl Sonea finds herself hurling rocks at magicians - usually they bounce off their protective shields - but hers makes its way through. Upon which starts a chase - the magicians need to find this 'Natural' before her powers consume her - but Sonea is determined not to be caught. The difference between the higher class and lower class was really apparent here and while some of the book drags during the chase - it really sets you up for the next two books in the series to find out what happens to Sonea, how strong she is and what her destiny becomes. 

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