17 September 2017

Organising My Life and Blog

So since having Aurora it has dawned on me that I am not an organised person. I need at least three hours now for getting ready to go anywhere this includes Aurora waking up needing to be fed and put down to nap so that I can then get ready, then make sure Aurora is in clean clothes and then soothing her again (usually by feeding her) so she is ready for the journey to wherever we are going!

She also had so many appointments in those early days that I had to get something to help organise myself. That is where my little pocket academic diary comes into play.

I love the typography on the front of this diary and the dark blue and gold detailing look beautiful. I also think it looks a lot more expensive then the £1 price point (good old pound shops) I use this mainly to jot all of Aurora's appointments into and to mark what days I will get blog posts up, but also my daily stats. This is because I want to start seeing what works for me and what doesn't.

The three note books came from Asda - a great find. The printed designs are simple and classic looking and the notebooks themselves are not too thin so you will get a lot of notes or ideas in them before they are full. I mostly use them like a bullet journal where I think of blog title's that I want to do and then bullet any key points with them.

The sticky notes were another pound shop find. There are some large ones, some small square ones and some small page tags - these are all useful should I want to add any notes into the post ideas after I originally wrote them up. For example, one idea in the notebooks is 'Things I wish I didn't buy for my newborn' and while I thought I had every bit covered I remembered something I needed to add to the list - so I jotted it on a sticky note and now that post's points are all covered without me needing to write the whole list again.

With my new scheduling on my blog this is really helping to keep me on top of things and I don't feel like I am getting into a panic or have a loss of inspiration like I used to feel with my old blog. Now I just need to ensure my youtube follows and that gets some kind of regular upload pattern! 

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