13 September 2017

Soap and Glory Lipstick - Cinnamon Beige - Cruelty Free

Soap & Glory and recently released new lipstick collections. In the new Sexy Mother Pucker lipstick collection there is a red collection a pink collection and finally a nudes collection. I am all about finding my perfect nude shades lately and this collection really peaked my interest. There are three different finishes within each shade range Matte, Shine and Satin.

Now I am a lover of Matte lipsticks and I hardly wear a traditional lipstick bullet anymore as I use mostly liquid lipsticks now. So I picked up Cinnamon Beige as I thought it would be the most flattering on me and along with being a matte formula so I should really get on with it.

Soap & Glory sexy mother pucker nudes collection in cinnamon beige - review of the matte long lasting lipstick - property of all things kerri

The lipstick itself has a beautiful metalled finish on the tube, the Nude collection has this gold finish, the red have a red metal and you guessed it the pink collection has a pink finish. I think the Soap and Glory logo embossed onto the lipstick bullet gives it a little bit more of a high finish and helps it to look a lot more expensive - especially for your high street brand.

Embossed detail on the sexy mother pucker nude lipstick collection from Soap and Glory - property of all things kerri

The lipstick itself is creamy without being too soft you also get a lot of control - mostly when I use traditional lipsticks I feel like they never quite have the precision of a liquid lipstick. However I feel that the Soap & Glory lipstick holds up well and is a good every day alternative to a liquid lipstick (which I will admit after wearing a few days in a row do dry out your lips)

The Matte lipstick finish on this lipstick however is not drying at all. It feels light and almost like I am wearing nothing while having a good pigment base so you only need one swipe to achieve a great colour coverage.

Swatch of Cinnamon Beige from the soap and glory sexy mother pucker lipstick nude collection. Property of All Things Kerri

As you can see the shade Cinnamon Beige is a great nude colour with a slight pink base to it. It is perfect for autumn and really gives me that 'My lips but better' vibe.  I have worn it everyday since opening it and although it does require touch-ups and doesn't last as long as my liquid lipsticks, it is great for an easy everyday look with minimal effort.

I pair it with some minimal makeup and away I go looking polished and put together (no easy task with a ten week old!)

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