4 October 2017

Missing In Action

Why do I always end up disappearing after writing a post about being more organised!

Well I do have my reasons some of them are work related and some are house moving related and some are sadly due to a death in the family.

I wanted to just quickly touch on why  have been away and tell you that updates are coming soon - especially for the monthly trials (these have still bee on going while I have been away)

Talking of house moving - it is not happening anytime soon but I really hope it happens before Christmas - I would love to be in a house I owned this year! I can not wait to get in there and get Aurora into her forever family home. I have started to clean up my belongings so we can get rid of things we no longer need - I have a lot of things so far for donations. Some of the things I have started to sort out and filmed declutter videos as I love watching them!

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