17 October 2017

Monthly Product Update #1

So it has been a while since I spoke about the three products I was testing throughout September.

For an update the three products were -

The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Serum

I love this serum! It really kick starts my skincare! This combined with a facial oil or overnight moisturiser really helps to keep my skin in good condition. I notice a huge difference when I do not use this as my dry skin tends to come back. This just adds that boost to my normal skincare and is easy to use. However I will say that the dropper does not pick up a lot of product so now I am working my way down the bottle I has to use two dropper full.

The Body Shop Amazonian Saviour Multipurpose Balm

This was a really nice balm, great on dry skin, dry lips, elbows, tattoos (it does give them some life but I feel this about any moisture product on my tattoos) I like that this has only 9 ingredients so you know what you are getting! 

Pommade Divine Remedy Balm

I have been in love with this product since I first tried it through Birchbox! I use this on my eczema (which came back after giving birth) I use it on any dry skin areas. I have found a few new uses for this but my favourite is still to soothe my eczema. It works so well. After two weeks I always notice a huge difference and while my hormones made my eczema more stubborn this time around a month of testing was long enough to make a huge difference (and almost finish a whole tube) 

I was also testing out both balms on my stretch marks however while I have noticed a difference in my older marks, I have found myself putting on weight so my newer marks have seen no difference and I think that is due to the weight not the treatments! 
I am going to carry on testing the balms to see if I get a difference and hope to update you all soon. 

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