8 November 2017

Pointless Newborn Baby Items

So Aurora is just over four months old and she takes up a lot of my time! I decided to write about some of those newborn items that I just don't find necessary! A lot of these are personal to me and focus on our journey so may not be the same experience for everyone!

1. Baby Mittens / Scratch Mittens. 

This is a personal one as are many of the things on the list but I have put Aurora in mittens ONCE in four months! She fidgets too much with her fingers to keep a pair on and most sleep suits have built in scratch mittens so having the extra pairs just feels unnecessary! Get one good fluffy pair for winter months and you should be fine!

2.  A lot of clothes! 

Stick to about 7 sleep suits in suitable sizes seven vest tops and a couple of outfits you can rotate and mix and match! I have so many clothes for donation because everyone gets clothes as gifts! I have three bags full of stuff to donate (granted we have gone through premature baby, tiny baby, newborn and first sizes) but there is so many clothes that she did not get to wear! babies grow so fast so having a few key items that you will get the use out of is better then spending a fortune and using them once!

3. Baby Talc

I just don't know what this one is for....maybe I should be using it, but I'm not. Come to think about it I have not used any baby oil either!

4.  Baby Shoes 

Yeah they look cute but there is not a need for them! Socks are enough to keep their little feet warm - I don't feel like the shoes are necessary until they are starting to walk.

5. Cot Accessories.

Ever hear the phrase 'An empty cot is a safe cot' all you need is a mattress cover. The bumpers, pillows, blankets can all pose a risk to young babies especially if they accidentally cover their mouths. I don't want to preach here but a sleeping sac is much better for sleeping in!

6. Baby Bouncer or Swing. 

I had so much pressure to buy one of these - that aurora would sleep in it and I could get stuff done in the house - honestly she's been in it once or twice she doesn't like to stay in it. I baby wear if I need to get things done in the house and honestly she prefers to nap on the sofa or in her sleep nest providing I am next to her!

Other things I wish I had never been pressured into buying were - ready made formula, bottles and a bottle steriliser. I always planned to breast feed and I gave in to the whole 'just in case it doesn't work' now I have a lot of bottles un opened, un opened formula and an un used steriliser. I have however been expressing a bit of milk here and there but I feel the age she is now it will probably be best to try some sort of baby cup rather then try to add a bottle to the mix and confuse her! 

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