7 December 2017

Birmingham Botanical Gardens Christmas Light Trail 2017

Looking for Christmas friendly venues with a 5 month old is not always easy. A lot of things involve Santa grotto's and animals. Not the kind of things I am really interested in for my 5 month old sadly.

Birmingham Botanical Garden had the perfect answer to my need to go out and do something Christmassy (moving house and I still don't have a tree up) but balanced the need for it to be baby friendly. All of the lights gave the perfect setting for my very nosey five month old.

Aurora loved the lights, there is a lot to take in for all ages including light shows set to music and even a little Santa show.

While not everything was accessible to my pushchair (and there are some steps) there is more then enough to mesmerize little eyes.

There are also little bits filled with all.sorts of festive food. Along with a couple of traditional rides like a carousel and a big slide.

I really would recommend the Garden for an evening out however with small babies I would probably return wearing a sling instead of the pushchair. This way we could explore all the areas and not have worry about any steps or gravel being difficult to navigate. I have tried to keep pictures light in the post so you can go and see for yourself but there is a lot to see and I don't want to spoil it for anyone wishing to go!

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