12 December 2017

Gift Idea For Male Family Members

So while I would love to share my partners Christmas present I can't as he reads this blog! So instead I will share a present idea for the male members of family like uncles, brother in laws ECT.

I always find this a difficult thing to buy and I tend to go for small gifts as usually I can't stretch my money to make a huge gift.

So my genius little idea this year is a mini hamper.

Typically I reserve hampers for the women in my family - I know my sister and mom love getting them they are filled with the usual smelly gifts and chocolates. So this year I figured why not make them for the guys too.

This one has two different types of chocolate and a little metal tin dove set. It's not much and all in all cost around £10 but it's a bit more thought and presentation thrown in! I usually go to florist shops and ask if they have any off cuts of cellophane that I can wrap the hamper in (this keeps the cost down as usually a florist would throw off cuts as they can't wrap flowers in it but I tend to get a lot of use out of then for very little some even give it me for free)

You can end up filling a hamper with anything from socks to film tickets to chocolates or small personalised gifts like mugs.

I'm so glad I've decided to do hampers this year as it takes a usually boring present and turns it into something you spend time and effort on.

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