27 April 2018

When Baby Led Weaning Doesn't Work.

When Aurora was fast approaching 6 months old I had been invited to all the baby led weaning courses and even in my breast feeding support group there was so much talk about how both of us would enjoy BLW.

I was always a bit anxious over BLW considering Aurora is very small (she's now 10 months old and still in 6-9month clothes) and I worried how she would cope. Not very well in fact. It wasn't the gagging which is a very natural part of weaning as babies learn how to chew. It was the constant throwing up and unwillingness of Aurora to experiment with food. I would put all sorts in front if her but she didn't want to try it.

I left it a month and started again - again she wouldn't even entertain picking at the food or experimenting. I began to feel like I was failing and doing all this wrong. That's when I started the think 'hang on it hasn't always been BLW'

So off I popped to the local supermarket and looked at the puree pots and sachets. To my surprised they were not filled with salt and sugar and I feared they would be. Alot of the fruit puree are fruit and nothing else. Where as the meals are generally large portions of veg and rice blended. For once we found some success with these puree options. From 8 months I've been giving them Aurora at her own pace while still trying to introduce solid food.

Aurora loves to feed herself fruit puree and she enjoys sweet potatoes, broccoli, Yorkshire puddings, crumpets, yoghurt and banana. I try to mush food to give her so we can slowly build on texture but she doesn't entertain much. I'm hoping for her journey with food to improve a bit when I return to work. One bit of advice has stuck with me while I've been struggling on our food journey and that is 'food before one is just for fun'

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