6 May 2018

Returning To Work

The time has arrived and I can officially call myself a working mother.

On one hand the experience feels great - I'm back working a job I like and I get to do something for me - for ten hours a week I get to be Kerri instead of Mum. Gaining some sense of individual has been so uplifting for my spirit and I feel better and like I can tackle the week easier.
There is a structure and a break to the week and not just a merging of days where I find myself at a random time of day in my pyjamas going 'what day is it what time is it and have I wore these pyjamas bottoms for three days now?'

On the flip side is the absolute agony of leaving my baby. I hate it - I hate walking away and hearing her cry. I know I'm doing the right thing happy mum = happy baby but I get so upset with guilt it hurts. The other side is as a breastfeeding mum - the physical pain of being away from a baby is not good either! I will have to take to trying to pump something at work otherwise I may run into issues.

Returning to work is such an odd journey as you simultaneously want to go but want to stay at home! Please someone tell me it gets easier!

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